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It's official! Hell has frozen over.

On the front page of there is a competition to win a new laptop. Nothing strange in that you might say. Well it's a Macbook Air! On the Microsoft portal they have a competition to win an Apple product! What's more the competition page states:If you want to keep up with the leading technology company then don't miss the opportunity of winning this fabulous MacBook Air laptop!What a strange day this leap year is turning out to be.

An interesting new online toy

For those users who have been looking for an online desktop this is probably the most attractive one I've seen so far. It's called Jooce and can be found at system feels like a normal desktop environment and uses the applications on your host OS to open files such as .doc. What it does offer though is online storage and a place to view photos, videos and share files and folders. To call it web storage with a nice face would be grossly understating what this application can do. Apparently however it is memory hungry and so struggles on low end machines but even with that this is worth a look.[From]

Microsoft fined again!

Well another day and another fine for the software giant. The EU once again felt it was necessary to slap a fine on Microsoft for anti-competitive behavior, this time to the tune of $1.3 billion. I fully understand the necessity of keeping up monitoring of Microsoft and the necessity to investigate any and all attempts the company might make to unfairly use it's position however this really is starting to get ridiculous. The inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows is not a major hindrance to the other browsers, what is a major hindrance is the lack of quality shown by these browsers and the lack of real variety. I have Firefox, Safari and IE installed and I really don't need or want a forth unless that browser can offer something drastically different from what's already on offer. The only browser showing that possibility is Flock. These browsers all compete in the same market and yet Opera can complain about unfair competition when Firefox, who is in the same position, …

The Onion Election Glossary

For those people out there who take the US Election extremely seriously stop reading now.....for the rest of us check out The Onion's Election Glossary for an explanation of terms such as:debateA contest to see which candidate can answer the fewest questions.andhopeAn intangible object within every American that is destroyed every four years in November.The full article can be found here.

The C64 returns

It gave me great pleasure to read that the Commodore 64 is returning, sort of. According to Engadget C64 games are coming to the Wii's Virtual Console for 500 Wii points each. Let the rise of retro gaming continue.[Photo from Engadget]

Silicon Alley Insider have the solution.

I read through a posting by Silicon Alley Insider today which offers a solution to the Microsoft-Yahoo standoff and it makes perfect sense, the full post can be found here.Basically the plan is outlined in 10 steps:1.  Jerry, fly up to Redmond this afternoon and have dinner with Steve. Just the two of you. No bankers, no lawyers, no colleagues, no advisers.

2.  Jerry and Steve: Agree on the following:Both of you are getting your butts kicked. Both of you have tried for years to change this situation and have failed to do so. Both of you need to do something radical. Combining forces is smart.3. Jerry, persuade Steve that a straight acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft would be a disaster for both companies. (Read this post if you'd like an outsider's perspective on this). This will be a tough sell: Steve will want to kill himself before he admits that he won't eventually be able to crush Google through money, power, energy, and relentless effort.  He will not want to hea…

Microsoft becomes interoperable!

Today has seen some major changes to the way Microsoft operates. Microsoft are releasing information on their communication protocols as well as API's for Office which will let 3rd party applications communicate more effectively with Microsoft Platforms including Windows Clients, Servers and SharePoint Server 2007. These were only previously released under trade secret agreements, now they're open to us all. The Microsoft web site states:Ensuring open connections to Microsoft’s high-volume products. To enhance connections with third-party products, Microsoft will publish on its Web site documentation for all application programming interfaces (APIs) and communications protocols in its high-volume products that are used by other Microsoft products. Developers do not need to take a license or pay a royalty or other fee to access this information. Open access to this documentation will ensure that third-party developers can connect to Microsoft’s high-volume products just as Micr…

Does the world really need more than five computers?

From Greg Matter's blog:THE WORLD NEEDS ONLY FIVE COMPUTERSAnd, no, I'm not paraphrasing something that I bet Thomas J. Watsonnever uttered in 1943 anyway. But he should have because, ultimately, he might turn out to have been right. Let's see, the Google grid is one. Microsoft's is two. Yahoo!,, eBay, are three, four, five and six. (Well, that's O(5) ;)) Of course there are many, many more service providers but they will almost all go the way of YouTube; they'll get eaten by one of the majors. And, I'm not placing any wagers that any of these six will be one of the Five Computers (nor that, per the above examples, they are all U.S. West Coast based --- I'll bet at least one, maybe the largest, will be the Great Computer of China). I'm just saying that there will be, more or less, five hyperscale, pan-global broadband computing services giants. There will be lots of regional players, of course; mostly, they will ex…

Gears of War 2 due in November 2008

After the success of the original Gears of War the news of the follow up has me salivating in anticipation already :)

PS3 to become the next Wii

Browsing through the US Patent website today I discovered a newly published patent from Sony regarding, among other things, the EyeToy. I'll let you judge for yourself from the pictures below but it seems to me that Sony are about to take on Nintendo at their own game. The EyeToy looks to be supporting the kind of movement aware games we've now grown to love on the Wii and coupled with the immense power of the  console and the triumph of Blu-Ray over HD-DVD this could mean real problems for the Xbox360 and the Wii. 2008 could be Sony's year yet.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to update you on what's happening with As you can see the site has undergone some changes recently and I think you'll agree it now looks a lot better. This is only the beginning and things are going to continue to change in the upcoming days and weeks.This is where you, the user, comes in. This is your opportunity to tell me what you want to see on the web. Do you want a site devoted to news, tech or sports? What about a portal to the Internet? What sort of interactivity do you want built in? Chat? Forums? It's up to you.So leave me a comment on this post outlining what you'd like to see and within the next few weeks I'll do my best to create the site you most want.MMCC

Firefox steals IE's Home button

I know this is silly but thought I'd point it out anyway. I just downloaded beta 3 of Firefox and the home button looks familiar. Take a look at the button from IE on the right and Firefox on the left and tell me they don't look strangely similar.

Improved File Copy in Vista SP1

Mark Russinovich, a man regarded as a genius by many after the Sysinternals tools he developed, has outlined the improvements to the File Copy mechanism in Vista SP1. Many people will agree that this is great news because the speed that Vista copied files was appalling in many scenarios. For anyone interested in the technical details his post can be found at:

Google are worried? Apparently.

A story from is reporting that Google are finding the Microsoft purchase of Yahoo, "troubling".Google has criticised Microsoft's proposed bid for YahooGoogle has said it finds Microsoft's $44.6bn ($22.65bn) bid to buy rival Yahoo "troubling" and wants regulators to scrutinise the proposed deal.This is a very understandable reaction from a company that has been dominating the online application space for a number of years now. Google's business model relies heavily on advertising, as we know, and the revenue from advertising is directly linked to the amount of traffic visiting the sites. The Microsoft/Yahoo deal may decrease this number of users, hence decreasing the amount of advertising revenue ergo decreasing the amount of profits Google are making and with Wall Street already concerned about the amount of profits Google are going to be able to make during the economic slowdown this takeover has produced a very defensive response.But lets fo…

Bye bye Yahoo

Well after months of speculation it was finally announced today that Microsoft intends to buy Yahoo for a mere $44.6 billion dollars. The Microsoft press release can be found

I have been wondering why Microsoft would spend so much money on failed Google competitor but the press release explains it perfectly. It's basically for the R&D. The Yahoo user group is still enormous and adding the quality of some of their applications to the Live suite will produce a very compelling reason for people to move from Google to Live. Yahoo Mail and Messenger UI's replacing Hotmail and Live Messenger should be the first move. As outlined in the statement this will produce a second major competitor in this market.

The deal has to pass the EU before it can happen and many people are questioning if that will happen and of course it will pass without a problem. The reason I say that is because the EU claims to be working for the consumer and trying to control the monopolies. As Google i…