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Windows Phone 7 Commercial

Just saw the Windows Phone 7 commercial for the first time and I think Microsoft have gotten it spot on. I can see myself in some of those characters and that makes the phones personal to me already. Any phone that can give you back the time to appreciate the life that is going on around you has got to appeal to everyone. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Back to the Mac Opinion

Well that's another special media event over and Apple have presented us with some new hardware and software to take a look at. A refresh to the Macbook Air, release of iLife '11, introduction to the next OS X (Lion) and the introduction of an app store for Mac software. Pretty substantial event so lets take a look at each piece individually.

1. Macbook Air. The MBA is apparently what would be produced if the original Macbook Air and the iPad had a clandestine relationship. The result is a pair of beautiful laptops which are tiny and light coming in at just 2.9lbs for the 13 inch model and a mere 2.3lbs for the 11 inch model. Flash memory for instant on and battery life of 5hrs and 7hrs for the 11 and 13 inch models respectively sounds pretty impressive but would you buy one? With a price point beginning at £849 for only 2Gb of RAM, a massively underpowered 1.4GHz processor and 64Gb of storage it is not the most appealing of deals considering the 13 inch Macbook costs £849 for…

Apple 'Back to the Mac' Event

Later today Apple will be holding a special media event where we expect them to announce some new goodies for us to play with. Recent events have been heavily focused on the iOS devices so it's nice to see an event bringing some focus to the Mac, a product we thought Apple had forgotten about.

So what do we expect to see at the event? In this post I'm going to make a couple of predictions about what I think we'll see and maybe a couple of things that I want but really don't see us getting.

1. OS X 10.7. Have to say this seems like a given considering there's a lion peeping out from behind the Apple logo in the invitation but it's still worth pointing out. Can't see us getting access to Lion before WWDC 2011 but it'll still be nice to get an introduction to the latest big cat. Will be nice to have closer integration between iOS and Internet services.

2. Macbook Air refresh. With all the rumours floating around about a new Macbook Air case this seems like…

iPod, iMac and now iPad

So after all the hype and online chatter the iPad has now arrived. Reading many of the reactions online there does appear to be disappointment but personally I'm not all that surprised. Lets take a quick look at the predictions I made in my previous post.

1) The screen will be about 10.1 inches and will not be OLED
Actual - 10 inch screen this is not OLED so good start.

2) Price point of approximately £400.
Actual - We don't know the UK price yet but seeing as it's $499 in the US I would say this might be a good prediction too.

3) Simple and intuitive UI with sensor bed under the screen
Actual - The UI could not be more intuitive, it's the iPhone UI. Doesn't type like a Storm tho.

4) iWork, iPhone OS, iLife and iPhone App support.

Actual - Again pretty good you gotta say. iWork is on there and part of the iLife suite will be present, iTunes, Photo etc. We can also see that this runs a slightly more powerful version of the iPhone OS with backward compatibility with i…

Final Apple Tablet Predictions

We're only a few hours away from Steve Jobs taking to the stage and introducing us to Apple's latest innovation. We can only assume at this point that this is going to be in a tablet form factor and after hearing that Apple store employees were going through confidential training today I can only assume that it's going to be available to purchase tomorrow or at least within the next few days. So what exactly will this device have? Well that's what I'm going to look at in this post.

The majority of rumors claim the screen will be OLED and about 10.1 inches. I do agree that it'll be 10.1 inches but this device is not quite a laptop and not an iPod/iPhone so the cost has to be low. This low cost, approximately £400 would be a realistic price point, requirement would mean that OLED is too expensive.

It has been claimed that the Tablet has a steep learning curve when it comes to user interaction. Is this true? Is this really the Apple approach? Look at the iPhone. Thi…

Why Are RIM Over Complicating The Touchscreen Blackberry?

In recent years Blackberry have produced the Blackberry Storm and Storm 2, both sporting a large touchscreen with SurePress technology. There can be little doubt that this device is inspired by Apple's very successful iPhone but in making the Storm similar to iPhone's design I feel that RIM may have missed a great design opportunity. Find out why after the jump.