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Bored Of Apple?

The first computer I ever used was an Apple, my current laptop and desktop are both Apple computers and my iPad, iPhone and iPod are seldom away from me. That has made my feelings over the last few months a surprise and a gut wrenching disappointment, I think I've become bored of Apple.

That's a big statement. The company is on fire, the products are flying off the shelves, everyone seems to be carrying an Apple logo around and yet another new iPhone is on the way. So why the boredom? Well the medias handling of one item on that previous list is the first cause. It's nothing but iPhone 5/iPhone 4S in the news. The conversation in the technology world over the last few weeks can be summed up as:
Blog: Is it going to be an iPhone 5?
Blog: Yes
Blog: Is is going to be an iPhone 4S?
Blog: Yes
Blog: Maybe...No....Yes.....My unnamed sources say yes/no/maybe/who are Apple again?

It's been weeks of this. Leaked images of nothing in particular. Unnamed sources seem to be coming …

Steve Jobs: Why 2011 Is Not Like 1985

Last month Steve Jobs stepped done as CEO of Apple Inc. Before I go into the article I want to take the opportunity to wish Steve well in his role as Chairman and in his personal life as well as wishing Tim Cook well in his new role as CEO of Apple.

I think it's fair to say that the tech press has been divided over the future prospects of Apple. Many have looked back to the ten years between 1985 and 1995 when Steve was in the non-Apple wilderness of NeXT and Pixar. This look to the past tells the story of an Apple that wandered in it's own organisational and innovative wilderness. When Mr Jobs rejoined and became iCEO (interim CEO) Apple had only 90 days before bankruptcy. While Mr Jobs has not left the company he is now in a much more 'hands off' role and therefore this is a good time to ask: Is history going to repeat itself and will Apple look the same in 2021 as it did in 1995?

Well before we answer lets take a look at the Apple of 1985, the Apple Mr Jobs left be…