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Resolved For iOS! 'OK Google' Works in UK

One of the most useful features in the ever expanding tool set that is Google Now is the 'OK Google' Hotwords. Unfortunately many people are discovering that this handy feature is not active outside of the US. With Google releasing an update to their iOS app over the last couple of days this annoyance has spread to Googles iOS users too. However there does appear to be a handy fix.
When you go into the application settings you'll notice that it's impossible to activate Hotwords. Changing your language in the application won't make a difference. However, go to  iOS Settings -> General -> International and update your language to plain 'English'. Once the phone has finished applying it head to the Google app and Hotwords should now be on by default.
I haven't found any issues with this so far but please be aware that I accept no responsibility for any damage or other inconvenience caused to your device or yourself through following this tip. I'm of…

Movember 2013

This is my first post in a while and also a non-technology post but I decided to give Movember a go this year to try to raise money for a good cause and raise awareness of mens health. With that in mind, please go to and donate.
Thanks for your support and I'll be talking about the newest in mobiles and technology again soon.