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Hey everyone,As you will see has changed over the last week or so. I've made, what I hope you agree, are improvements to the site's design, layout and content. 22hundred has also become an affiliate of some well known and very successful companies such as Dell, Game, Amazon, Apple's iTunes, PC World and Carphone Warehouse. Please feel free to browse the products on display and purchase whatever takes your fancy. Remember all purchases are through the retailer and not through 22hundred. I'm just showing you the fantastic products that are on offer.

Hackers Attack Human Beings!

I was disgusted to read an article on about a group of hackers who attacked a forum being run by the Epilepsy Foundation. The attack involved displaying images, full screen, that were designed to trigger seizures in people who are photosensitive. For all the attacks that have been launched on the Internet we could at least be safe in the knowledge that the attacks were not physical. Yes they attacked our money and identity but they did not attack us physically. This attack is different. It was personal, it was physical and it was evil. If this is what the Internet is coming to then it's time that it was policed properly. Your actions online do not go without consequence in the real world and this attack is assault.

Nvidia causing majority of Vista crashes.

The Register's Tony Smith has posted an interesting piece, here, regarding the causes of Vista crashes in 2007. According to Microsoft internal mail Nvidia drivers were to blame for 28.8% of the reported Vista crashes in 2007 with Microsoft's own software accounting for 17.9% of the crashes. Vista Crashes by Organisation, 2007Source: MicrosoftThis is actually quite interesting to me because since I started using Vista over a year ago I've had two crashes. Both of these, one only a few days ago, were down to Nvidia drivers. It's nice to see I'm not exactly alone in this one.

Are you a geek?

A nice wee blog post by Rodney Buike:You know you are a geek...... If you can identify various cell phones by model by their unique sounds (And are visibly irritated when you CAN'T!) Setting up the Bluetooth system to tie the GPS, Laptop, MP3 player and hands free system is a piece of cake.  Changing the tire isn't. If you had to genuinely think twice about paying for that new gadget or paying your hydro bill.  REALLY had to think. When your kids were born, if you considered (at least for a blink of an eye) naming the kid Bill, Steve or Jack (because of CERTAIN computer guys) If you tried and bothered arguing with your wife about it. If you have at least two boxes of "useful electronic stuff" you can't bear to part with and won't throw away. If you paid to courier those boxes to your new house for your new job. If you recommend to clients to buy new equipment but you'll get buy on slapping an old laptop together from bits and pieces. If you seriously have…

Windows Live Spaces Improved

Today Windows Live Spaces announced some improvements to it's service including:You now have the ability to remove updates from specific people in the what's new area of your Spaces home page.  At the bottom of your (signed-in) Spaces home page, you now have an “Options” link.  Clicking “Options” will take you to a “What’s new Options” page where you can choose who of your Spaces friends and Messenger contacts show up on your home page. We've added back your list descriptions for all lists when they are displayed in the narrow column The font for custom lists is no longer bold by default We changed the Sponsored Results module to reflect the transition of our partnership with Kanoodle We've made some additional smaller changes which you won’t see but which will further improve the Spaces serviceThe above is quoted from the Windows Live Wire blog.

OS X cracked first

Charlie Miller is walking away from the CanSecWest Security Conference $10,000 and a Macbook Air richer after managing to hack into OS X running on the same notebook. A Sony Vaio, Fujitsu U810 and Macbook Air were up for grabs to the first person who could access the file system of the OS running on the laptop. The Sony laptop was running Ubuntu while the Fujitsu was running Windows Vista.All three laptops survived the first day of the conference which consisted of attempting to access the file system over the network directly. On the second day the competitors were allowed to direct the organisers to view web sites and open emails which contained exploit code. Since the OS's only contained software that's installed out of the box the exploit must be either in or be accessible from the Safari browser.I can't see this result being highlighted by two many Apple fans but it is very interesting to note that the Vista and Linux both survived two days of the competition and wha…

Apple breaks Apple EULA

Ed Bott pointed out on his blog today that Apple is actually breaking it's own EULA when it distributed Safari through it's Software Update tool to Windows users:Apple tries to foist Safari browser onto Windows users using deceptive tactics. But someone forgot to read the license agreement first.

Microsoft Office for iPhone?

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Microsoft are currently looking at the iPhone SDK and deciding what to build. The likeliest application suite to be built is Microsoft Office and in my opinion a version of the Windows Live suite is just as likely and this option would put Microsoft into direct competition with Google on the platform. Microsoft is checking out the new iPhone software developers kit and is deciding what, if anything, they want to build for it, exec Tom Gibbons tells Fortune. One obvious possibility: A mobile version of Office, which Microsoft (MSFT) already offers for devices running its Windows Mobile operating system.And unlike Office for Macs, the iPhone version might be a leader. Word and Excel for Apple's (AAPL) Macs have always trailed the Windows editions in features and usefulness. But because the iPhone's hardware and operating system are miles ahead of any phone Microsoft offers, Office for the iPhone could conceivably become the model for futur…

No UK Access to South Park

After happily reading that the South Park Studios site was officially streaming any episode from the 12 seasons I headed straight over to enjoy a full day of South Park goodness, but no. You see once again the population of the UK, who are massive South Park fans by the way, can't get access to US material. The mere idea that the Internet gives everyone around the world access to content is still a total myth.

Windows Live and Social Networking

Today Windows Live have announced that they are now working with social networks such as, and this month at MIX08, the Windows Live platform team announced a number of new and improved APIs and tools to help the developer community continue to push the envelope and deliver innovative customer experiences. We outlined the priorities for the Windows Live platform, including our intent to simplify data portability while keeping users, and their data, safe and secure.  We announced the beta release of the Windows Live Contacts API, which web developers can use in production to enable their customers to transfer and share their Windows Live Contacts in a safe and secure way. Simply stated, our efforts aim to put users at the center of their online experience. Today I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft has partnered with some of the world’s top social networks on contact data portability. Starting today, we will be working with Facebook, Bebo, Hi…

New shots of the Meizu M8 MiniOne

Some new UI shots of the Meizu M8 MiniOne have surfaced on Gizmodo and it's starting to look very very nice. Unfortunately there's no way to tell if these are authentic images but lets hope they are.

Windows caught between a Linux and a Mac place

Paul Thurrott responds to Steven Vaughan-Nichols claims that Windows is being eaten alive by Linux and Mac. I guess it's all in how you look at it. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols provides the following bit of time killer over on Desktop Linux, which I'm guessing is one of the lonelier Web destinations these days:For the first time in ages, the sale of new PCs with Windows as a percentage of the PC market is declining sharply. The new winner is the Mac, but, while no one does a good job of tracking the still-new, pre-installed Linux desktop market, it's also clear that Linux is finally making impressive inroads into Windows' once unchallenged market share.I see two strong trends here. On the high end, people are buying Macs instead of Windows PC. On the low end, Linux is eating Windows alive. Windows finds itself being confined to the middle ground. As proof, he cites the US-only, retail-only NPD numbers that made the rounds this week on all the Mac fanatic sites, and "…

Another Apple Inaccuracy

Another Vista sucks ad is coming and this time Gizmodo is pointing out that Apple are playing with the facts:You'll probably be seeing Apple's newest "Vista Sucks, OS X Rules Your Face" ad, starring hilarious John Hodgman and perpetually besmirked Justin Long, on Giz any day now. Basically, the banner keeps pulling up bad Vista quotes as Hodgman hammers the emergency banner refresh, but neither of them are from actual reviews of Vista—even though that's what Hodgman calls them. CNET's blurb about Vista being one of tech's "biggest blunders" is actually from an op-ed that Microsoft should dump the OS entirely, while the PC Mag snippet is the title of a column from January that proffers ways for Microsoft to start-over. It's not a mind-blowing factual error to say the quotes are from reviews, or even that disingenuous—attack ads usually involve a roll in the mud—but it's worth pointing out there's a difference between a position and an…

What's happening at Apple?

There's been a lot of talk this week over Apple's decision to push Safari to Windows users through their software update mechanism. Now personally I've had Safari installed on Windows for quite some time and I have it on my Macbook but I use it on neither. On the Macbook I tried using it and ended up installing Firefox. On Windows I much prefer IE7.If this was simply a case of Apple rolling out yet another Windows browser then that would be bad enough but there's a larger issue starting to immerge with regards to Apple. Some of their recent actions are showing a lack of respect for their customer base. Mozilla CEO John Lilly responds to the Safari rollout here:What Apple is doing now with their Apple Software Update on Windows is wrong. It undermines the trust relationship great companies have with their customers, and that’s bad — not just for Apple, but for the security of the whole Web. Keeping software up to date is hard — hard for consumers to understand what patc…

Nintendo downgraded.

KPG Securities Japan has downgraded Nintendo stock from "Hold" to "Buy" because sales in the DS and the Wii are expected to decline this year. This is probably a fair judgement. Between the weakening of the dollar and the strengthening of Sony PS3 sales we can't expect Nintendo to ramp up the same level of sales as they have in 2007.

Microhoo's Back On

According to Slashdot it appears that the Microsoft purchase of Yahoo is back on. While the hostile takeover is still a possibility and Yahoo are still looking at the alternatives, i.e. AOL, News Corp. or Google, this is the first time Microsoft has really presented it's plans to Yahoo. Assuming the Microsoft execs have their heads screwed on they will outline a plan that involves the merging of the MSN and Windows live brands into the Yahoo brand and the eventual disappearance of the MSN brand. They will also outline the freedom that the Yahoo engineers will have to innovate and produce excellent products without Redmond dictating what they can't do due to the position of the Office and Windows divisions.

While it will be at least 2 years before we see the real benefits of this takeover the formation of a true competitor to Google should spark more innovation online. In the current marketplace Microsoft is the small and nimble competitor who can experiment with new ideas where…

Microsoft Office Live and Live Small Business

Microsoft Office Live has gone, erm, live today for many users and it's an excellent product. For all those people out there who are saying that Microsoft do not get the web you are wrong. I think Microsoft now gets exactly what the web is all about in terms of keeping it's customer base happy while keeping it's revenue streams intact. Live Office lets you create your docs in Office, which I imagine will be Live soon enough, save it through a small plugin and then access it from anywhere and share it with your colleagues. What's more you can work on it with a colleague, save versions and track changes. This is a great application for small and medium businesses and for the average home user.Live Small Business allows a business to quickly and easily get a web presence. With simple web creation tools, reports and advertising. It also lets you track customers and employees and keep pretty good records on both. This is exactly what every business that can't afford a w…

Maths Using Leopard

This is probably well known to the Mac community but i just found it and think it's pretty cool. Type 2+2 into Vista Search and you will get all the files that have similar to that in them. Type the same into Leopard Search and the first result is from calculator giving you the answer. A nice touch from Apple.

Microsoft Expand Online.....Not Really.

Microsoft are expanding the online services being offered to businesses to include all businesses. In an announcement made today Microsoft are offering Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Live Meeting as well as Microsoft CRM4.0. The SharePoint offering will go into direct competition with Google's new baby, Google Sites and seems to show that Microsoft is taking the online battle seriously at last.Based on the proven, business-class software available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, the new services enable businesses to access e-mail, calendaring, contacts, shared workspaces, and webconferencing and videoconferencing over the Web. The new services are managed through a  single Web-based interface, designed to meet the needs of IT professionals. Through this security-enhanced interface, IT professionals can monitor the performance of the services, add and configure users, submit and track support requests, and manage users and lice…

Microsoft Expanding Online

According to a number of sources, including the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft are briefing corporations in preparation for the expansion of their online services. It appears as if the software giant is about to take on Google Apps directly at last. However this is a rumour we have heard many times out of Redmond, I distinctly remember looking forward to Microsoft Works Online for a while. It'll be interesting to see if we see any actual movement on this over the next couple of weeks.

Goodbye Netscape

Just wanted to say goodbye to Netscape. They battled hard and at one point they led the innovations. I'm sorry to be saying goodbye to it.