Wednesday 7 October 2009

Blackberry Bold Caller Exception Tip

index_devices I recently picked up a BlackBerry Bold and I must say I love it. I would tend to put my phone onto silent at night and this has led me to miss a few important calls. So when I got the BlackBerry I wondered if it had anything up it's sleeve to prevent this and it does. I thought I'd blog this tip for anyone who hasn't found it but is interested.

1. From the home screen navigate to the profiles menu item and select it.

2. Scroll to beyond the bottom of the screen, after Off, and you'll find an option for Advanced.

3. Select it and you'll see an option called "Use Active Profile Except for:". Scroll down to the check box "Important Calls"

4. Press the BlackBerry key and select Edit from the menu.

5. In the resulting screen you will be able to choose the contacts from whom a different profile can be used, the profile the phone should use when they contact you and finally the ring tone for any incoming calls.

6. Once you've made the changes press the BlackBerry button and save the changes.

That's you done. Now when one of the contacts you have selected contacts you, including texts and hopefully emails too but I still need to test emails, the phone will ignore the active profile and will use this one instead. Great for filtering out calls if you've work to do or if you have your phone on silent at night.

Any questions about this or anything else give me a shout.


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