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Skyrim Bleak Temple Bug Workaround

There is a relatively minor bug in Skyrim for the Xbox 360. It turns up in the the room with the iron gate and three statues around the middle of Bleak Falls Temple and initially it seems to completely block your progress. When you enter the room there are three statues on your left. These should rotate between three images which you need to get in the correct order in order to open the gate when you pull the lever in the centre of the room.

However, on some occasions when you get to these statues and activate them they do not move. In order to get around this bug simply go back, leave the temple and then reenter it again. When you get back to the room the statues should all be rotating normally. It's a strange one but at least it's easy to resolve.

Top 10 Podcasts Of 2011

With the Christmas season upon us and year end approaching I wanted to take this opportunity to recognise what I consider to be the Top 10 Podcasts of 2011. These are the shows that I always make sure I have up-to-date on the iPhone before I get into the car.

1. MacBreak Weekly - TWiT
2. CrackBerry Podcast - Mobile Nations
3. Mobile Nations Podcast - Mobile Nations
4. T3 Podcast -
5. Piers Morgan Tonight - CNN
6. AC360 - CNN
7. TWiT - TWiT
8. TWiG - TWiT
9. Motley Fool Money - Motley Fool
10. HBR IdeaCast - Harvard Business Review

Congratulations to Leo Laporte and MacBreak Weekly for taking the number one spot and TWiT Network for three top ten shows. I thought the handling of the Steve Jobs health stories and his sad passing was second to none and showed real professionalism and journalistic integrity. Keep up the great work guys.

iOS Mail App and Stability Issues

After using iOS5 on iPhone 4S and iPad 1 since it was available I've been noticing quite a few problems with the mail application. Composing long emails causes crashes but even more concerning at random times it just hangs. Unfortunately it doesn't crash so I don't even know its happened until I notice I haven't received mails in a long times and I try to access the application. At that point the UI is unresponsive and it eventually crashes and restarts. iOS is fully updated so it isn't fixed yet. Anyone have a fix for this problem? Removing accounts doesn't make a difference.

On the note of iOS problems, has anyone noticed a general instability with all applications on the OS especially on the older generation iPad. Random crashes really appears to be the norm even with over 2GB free. I really hope 5.1 resolves these because the bugs are very un-Apple like and very very frustrating.

How I Would Turn Around RIM

Over recent times I've seen one of my favourite technology companies slip from a position of smartphone leadership to the whipping boy of the technology and business press. While I am a user of Apple products, I own and have owned, a number of BlackBerry smartphones and now a BlackBerry Playbook, which I am actually using to type this post. In recent times it has become harder to recommend people buy RIM products. Management seem to have lost their vision and their ability to execute on any kind of strategy and the technology being developed is either horribly delayed, buggy or both. So, here's what I would do to fix RIM.

1. License iTunes DRM.
While this would be expensive it would be worth pursuing. Considering the lockin Apple gets from its vertical ecosystem this would help users transition to new platforms and still bring the content they paid for with them. This may require an anti-trust case through the courts initially as i would expect Apple to turn down any initial …