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Skyrim Bleak Temple Bug Workaround

There is a relatively minor bug in Skyrim for the Xbox 360. It turns up in the the room with the iron gate and three statues around the middle of Bleak Falls Temple and initially it seems to completely block your progress. When you enter the room there are three statues on your left. These should rotate between three images which you need to get in the correct order in order to open the gate when you pull the lever in the centre of the room.

However, on some occasions when you get to these statues and activate them they do not move. In order to get around this bug simply go back, leave the temple and then reenter it again. When you get back to the room the statues should all be rotating normally. It's a strange one but at least it's easy to resolve.
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I hope this helps. 
Usual disclaimer: please remember that this is offered purely as information about what worked for me. I do not accept any responsibility for issues that may be caused by anyone else following these steps and you do so at your own risk.