Monday 5 August 2019

Update On 30-Day Challenge & What's Next

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash
I'm planning to make this blog honest and not just full of happy happy joy joy type successes. So, with that in mind, how did the last 30-day challenge go? It was a bloody disaster. However, I've actually taken four very useful lessons away from it so I suppose I'll let you decide how successful it was in the end.

First, and most obvious, £50 is just too small a sum to live off in the real world when you need to travel to work everyday etc. Trying to live off that small amount though led to me really considering what I ate and spent my money on. This led to the second lesson, spending your money on good food actually leaves you feeling better and losing weight :)

The third lesson I took away from the challenge was that it's actually difficult to make £1 online when starting from scratch let alone making £100 or more. Views don't translate into pennies in the early days The get rich quick online videos just aren't accurate.

The final lesson is by far the most important. There is no success without failure when you learn the lessons. I wish I'd undertaken this years ago.

So, what's next? Well the next challenge is to go off alcohol for the next 30-days. I really enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in the evening after work, especially on a Friday. I've read a lot recently about the damage alcohol and sugar do to you body and Liver and, honestly, I don't want my daughter to associate Daddy with the faint aroma of wine. So bye bye alcohol for at least the next 30-days.

I want to make this one work. I'm prepared for how difficult it is going to be but it's worth it. I'll be posting more regularly on how this one is going.

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