Tuesday 9 July 2019

Audiobook Review: Sell It Like Serhant


At the start of 2019 I had absolutely no idea who Ryan Serhant was. By June I’ve watched every season of Million Dollar Listing New York, follow the VLOG (which you can find on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialRyanSerhant and I would highly recommend), watched his Sell It Like Serhant show and have listened to his audiobook of the same name.

For those that don’t know, Ryan Serhant has gone from hand model and to highly successful Real Estate Broker in Manhattan over the space of ten years. A great example that the American Dream is still alive and available to those that are willing to put in the extreme level of work needed to stand out and who get blessed with a little luck along the way.

I personally class Serhant in the same breath as Dwayne Johnson, not in terms of global recognition, but because neither man is afraid to show the tremendous amount of effort that’s required to make it and they are both motivators to those climbing the same mountain.

The Book

Sell It Like Serhant, is a sales masterclass in 6hrs and 13mins. Using a combination of stories, humour and lessons Ryan guides the listener in how to become the best seller they can be. Whether it’s the stages of selling or using FKD to be the CEO of your own sales life there are lessons there for people in every sales role. At one point, Ryan states that he wants to see a time when sales is seen as a destination career and this book is definitely helping that cause.

What about those that aren’t from a sales background? Is there anything in it for us? Of course there is. The lessons that guide others to becoming a better salesperson can really be used to improve any career. Want to be a better software engineer? Learn as much about  the product as possible. Want to become a better politician, keep following back with your constituents and find your hook.

The fact that the book is read by the author really brings the subject matter to life and when used as well as this sets the audio apart from the print. His unique blend of enthusiasm and humour comes across throughout. The overall quality of the recording is extremely high and I truly believe it when he says that he was aiming to make the audiobook perfect. There are few books where the audio is without error and this is one of them. I’ve listened to it four times now and can’t fault it.


This is a well written and well read book that while aimed at helping salespeople to become better at their job contains lessons for all of us. One of my favourite takeaways is the idea of the wall. That memory or experience or feeling you don’t want to ever go back to that drives you forward and provides the fire for your motivation.

It’s not going to be a surprise after all that but this is a 5* book and you can find it on Audible here.

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