Wednesday 30 July 2008

Mojave Experiment

Mojave experiment is now available to watch at It makes for pretty good viewing, for example it's interesting to note that one of the more popular features appears to be Instant Search. It does highlight an important point about Vista and to an extent a weakness in all upcoming Microsoft OS's, lack of education. These people in the videos do not seem to know what features are actually available in Vista or how to use them.

Microsoft should consider releasing a Power Pack for XP that introduces some of the vista functionality. The people need to feel like Vista is familiar because they've seen some of what it can do already on their XP machine. They have a fantastic marketing tool as long as it's used correctly. People will not embrace Windows 7 if they do not understand it in the same way as they haven't embraced Vista because they don't understand it.

1 comment:

  1. There's more to not embracing vista than not understanding it. I embraced it and I wish I hadn't.

    Things (PeerGuardian, for example) don't work. Vista doesn't f**king work. Any time I open a folder with a number of AVI files in it, everything grinds to a halt as the green ribbon of death takes 15 minutes to make its way across the location bar, even with Vista's previews turned off!!! (Which, btw, can only be on or off globally, not on a per file extension/media type basis!)

    Oh and it's shite at DVD burning. Maybe it's just my drive, but it's seriously shite. The number of coasters I've collected has increased exponentially since installing Vista.

    It's XP but prettier. And it isn't as fast. That's the lesson Micro$oft need to take away.