Sunday 12 April 2009

Is This The New Zune?

Engadget has published this picture of what they are reporting to be the new Zune from Microsoft. Even though these devices are not available in the UK I did own one of the older devices and I really didn't see any reason for it getting the abuse that many have thrown it's way. Let's face it, it played music and let you watch videos on a good quality screen and using stable and easy to use software. If the device had been smaller there really was very few negative things you could say about it.

This new Zune looks excellent. Very stylish and hopefully as easy to use as it's older siblings. The similarities to the iPod Touch are obvious but that's not a bad thing and not a new thing. To compete in this market though Microsoft need to offer the ability to play the DRM free iTunes tracks on the player and the media software. I believe that this is the only way they can hope of getting converters. It's impossible to move to a new player if your songs won't play and you paid hard earned money for them.

In the music player business, and also in many ways in the browser industry, Microsoft really should be offering Mac integration. Internet Explorer on the Mac and a way to send music to your Zune either through iTunes or through the a Mac version of the Desktop software. Apple offered Windows integration so that the iPod would take off initially now Microsoft need to do the same to hav any chance in the media player market.

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