Monday 13 July 2009

Ghostbusters Game Save Bug

I've been playing the Ghostbusters game from Atari for a few days now and I must say I'm really enjoying it. I'm not sure if that's just because I love the game or because I grew up loving the cartoons and films and I'm getting a kick from being able to catch ghosts along side the greats. Either way the game really is great fun.

However, it has rather an annoying bug. Twice now I have accessed the career menu to be presented with a New Career option and that's it. No way at all to play on from my last saved position. Apparently this is quite common and there's an easy workaround.

Simply load into the Multiplayer game and then exit back to the Main Menu. Go back into career and you should be able to restart again almost as if nothing happened. I say almost......Sadly the game removes all you Tobin Spirit Guide Tokens and Artifacts. My finances were unchanged but I have heard of other people losing those too. It seems to just have varying degrees of impact.

Being able to get the save back is at least something but come on Atari lets get this one fixed. It shouldn't really take long to get a patch released for this. It's a great game that does not deserve to be impacted so negatively by a beginners programming bug.

Image from where the game can be purchased for PS3


  1. I am also having this issue. However so far we have not been able to gain our saved data back at all. Is this problem related to the size of PS3? We have a 160GB system and we have this issue while my brother has a 80GB and is having no issues at all.Also I have sent a e-mail to Atari and have yet to get an answer back. Please let me know if you get any other suggestions about how to fix this issue.

  2. @Anonymous: The other workaround I've seen for this is to quit the game through the 'P' button. Once back to the dashboard start the game up again and apparently the resume option should be available. I have not verified this workaround works yet.

    I've contacted Atari UK support and any information they come back to me with I will post here. If there is nothing back from them I will also attempt to contact Sony.